The MMORPG placed in the History of China as the three Kingdoms of Wu, Shu and Wei battle for the upperhand.
Change history, become the Hero that China needs!

The Story

AD 184/220–280, Three Kingdoms

It was an era of warfare and those fighting for their objectives and goals were embroiled in fiery conflicts. Turmoil of the Ten Attendants that happened at the beginning of the Jian'an era caused the disappearance of the Imperial Seal and this left the Han Dynasty in jeopardy. Legend has it that the Imperial Seal possesses a mysterious power that can suppress the surge of revolt all around China. He who owns and solves the secret of the Imperial Seal can hold the key to conquer the whole of China.

Until one day, a hero emerged from 'Taoyuan' Village, the sacred land of the legendary Oath of Brotherhood. Villagers begin to wonder if the historical decision had once again fallen in the same village. As this hero sets out from his village on his unknown journey, the future of the world now lies in his hands when he finds his destiny in victory.

Begin your journey!

In Heroes of Three Kingdoms, you can carve your own path. You can be whoever you want to be. Whether as the powerful Wei warlord, Cao Cao; the strong Dian Wei; the courageous and intelligent Shu General Zhao Yun; the skilled warrior Zhang Fei; loyal and handsome Wu Commander Zhou Yu or brave warrior Gan Ning. YOU can change the course of destiny!

But as with all stories you have to begin somewhere.
In the sacred land of the legendary Oath of Brotherhood, in Taoyuan Village, is were your journey starts.
You choose your weapon and you learn how to handle it, how to fight with it. Once you know enough to be on your way, you set out into the world. First Hebei and soon after that the rest of China. The faith of the Kingdoms lies in your hands, Hero. Good Luck!


Instruction for download & install of the update/patch

1. Download the patch.

2. Unzip the file, and copy paste the content into the element file of your client.
(You will want to replace all existing files)

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